Wildcat! Wildcat! 

“End of The World Everyday”

Andriana over at GITNB said I would like this…she was right.


Wildcat! Wildcat! are Portugal. The Man fans wishing Queen was still a band, packing five friends in a car, hot boxing that shit, then pounding some beers in the parking lot before heading into the show. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Know who else was a hit in the 70s/80s? Gene Wilder. I might have had one too many weed laced gluten free brownies this morning, so correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “End Of The World” have the same melody at Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination?” Yes. Yes, it does.

Of course we all miss Queen, but they’re not coming back, and well Portugal. The Man needed an opening act for their next tour, so stop making comparisons and get into the piano-laden pop ballads of LA’s Wildcat! Wildcat!. Their shit is fucking catchy. The duo writes perfect summer playlist jamz that are going to make your friends say, “Yo dude, who is this?”

I don’t know if these guys are dropping an album or just had too much free time, but if you are in LA, Wildcat! Wildcat! are playing Central in Santa Monica on March 14th.

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